Concept Automation for all your labeling and packaging automation needs

Concept Automation is your one-stop-shop for automation needs. Unlike our competitors, we can build nearly every aspect of your automated line and we excel at providing custom designs to accommodate your unique process. Whether your needs are for a simple tabletop labeler or an entire automated line, we can help.    


Pressure-Sensitive Labeling

30-years ago, Concept created the first multi-axis motion control labeling machines, capable of close tolerances and high speeds. Along with technical sophistication, exceptional reliably and durability were achieved and continue to be improved upon.

Concept produces:

  • Inline high-speed water bottle labelers, including zero-downtime systems with redundant features and capable of sustained line speeds to 340 bottles per minute.
  • Juice and beverage labelers, including multi-panel applications for nearly any container shape.
  • Print & Apply systems for on-demand requirements such as compliance labeling and product identification.
  • Decorative labeling for nearly any application.
  • Oriented label positioning to place labels according to product/bottle features, including multi-panel applications.
  • Custom designs and product handling systems.

Packaging Systems

Concept provides packaging machinery in a wide range of configurations ranging from bagging systems and pouch making/filling machines to fully customized solutions. Complete systems are available that will accept bulk product, feed, sort, orient, weigh, package and print plastic films and foils as well as preformed bags and cartons. Add Concept metal-detection and check-weighing machines to validate the process. Concept specializes in sanitary designs for food-handling and wet environments. 

Printing and Coding

Concept is a recognized leader in print technologies, with experience dating back to the early 1990’s as a key partner in barcode compliance initiatives with companies that included Walmart and Merck Pharmaceuticals. Today, we offer Concept TTO printers in our packaging systems or as modules to OEMs, with customized mounting to meet specific requirements. As a Sato partner, we offer the full line of Sato thermal-transfer and direct-transfer printers and parts in addition to providing Concept built print & apply systems using Sato print engines. As a Keyence partner, we offer ink-jet and laser systems that may be integrated into Concept automated packaging lines.


  • TTO Printers for printing images up to 53mm x 150mm that may include text, graphics, barcodes and QR codes. Automatic serializing, date and time printing, integration with scales, etc.
  • Hot Stamp Coding – time-proven method to achieve fast cycle rates with reliable operation for simpler printing needs like date and lot codes that do not use variable data.
  • Print and Apply labeling systems with Thermal Transfer and Direct-thermal printing.
  • Keyence ink-jet and laser printers for small and large format printing/engraving, including 3d laser imaging.


Feeding, Orienting and Accumulating

  • Denesters for cups, trays and clamshells
  • Feed and Accumulating Tables – linear, rotary and custom
  • Vibratory tracks and bowl feeders
  • Custom Pick & Place devices
  • Dividing and Sorting using feature recognition and machine vision

Scales, Weighing and Portioning


Concept provides a wide range of equipment used throughout industry for accurate weighing and portioning of materials ranging from granular powders to candies, fruits, vegetables and cannabis. Scales are available to suit nearly any product requiring accurate and fast weighing. Full stainless-steel construction with motor operated buckets for quiet and reliable operation. Dimpled stainless-steel materials used for wet or sticky products and made for fast tear-down and thorough cleaning.


Whether your company needs integration of conveyors for multiple products, robotic case packing, or robotic assembly. Our talented team of experienced professionals can deliver a fully integrated line designed to meet your companies production rate with speed and flexibility.

Automation And Inspection

Inspection is a very important step in the manufacturing process, and automation of inspection processes can contribute to far less waste of time, money, and resources.

Valued Customer

Greg Rodrigues, CEO

Concept Automation has grown to be our most trusted development partner when it comes to cutting edge innovation and solving difficult manufacturing challenges. The multiple projects Concept Automation has completed have been on time and on budget. Concept’s team provides reliable customer service after the sale and makes sure their equipment delivers on expectations. Concept Automation is a first class company that receives my highest recommendation.