Concept specializes in designing and manufacturing task-specific conveyors, including easy to clean sanitary wash-down systems and servomotor driven indexing and elevating systems, as well as integrated systems used to align and arrange products as they move. We custom-build feed and accumulating conveyors to match your production needs and available floor space.

Sanitary Design

As standards for hygienic manufacturing change with new sanitary regulations, manufacturers can struggle to keep up. Regulations require operations to modify or even replace existing material handling sanitary conveyor for new, updated conveyor equipment that meets current regulations.

Precision Indexing

Precision link indexing conveyors are particularly well suited to high speed assembly of small components. Where high part count or assembly process complexity is involved, these chassis provide sufficient real estate to fit multiple stations side by side.


When elevating the production flow, you reclaim valuable floor space, which enables you to add more production capacity or increase accessibility for your operators. Choose the right elevation solution based on factors such as throughput, the processes involved and the features of the products as they appear in the line.