Pressure-Sensitive Labeling


Concept has been an industry leader and innovator in pressure sensitive labeling systems since 1991 when we introduced the world’s first multi-axis stepper motor driven labeling systems. Today, we offer standard systems that are able to run many kinds of products and unlike our competitors, we will adapt our designs to meet your special needs. Whether you’re a small business with a limited budget or a multi-national corporation with technical sophistication requirements and need reliable high-throughput, we have you covered. Areas of expertise include difficult multi-panel applications, oriented label positions and very high speeds and precision placement. We build systems with full validation capabilities, including vision systems and other inspection devices and we are experts at integrating our products into continuous packaging lines.

Types of labeling

  • High-speed Bottle and Jar Labelers.
  • Wrap-around Labeling – Vertical and Horizontal
  • Oriented and Multi-panel Application
  • Prime, promotional, informational and decorative labeling

Print and Apply

Our complete line print and apply labelers are leaders in print and apply labeling. Our printer applicators can print and apply labels at any angle using tamp, tamp-blow, or air-blow technology.All models are designed for rugged use and virtually maintenance-free operation and of course, are compatible with all O.E.M. print engines.