Scales, Weighing and Portioning


Concept provides a wide range of equipment used throughout industry for accurate weighing and portioning of materials ranging from granular powders to candies, fruits, vegetables and cannabis. Scales are available to suit nearly any product requiring accurate and fast weighing. Full stainless-steel construction with motor operated buckets for quiet and reliable operation. Dimpled stainless-steel materials used for wet or sticky products and made for fast tear-down and thorough cleaning.


Inline Scales

Linear Weighers from single-lane to 4-lane and weigh-bucket sizes from 0.5-liter for precise low-weight portions up to 20-liter weigh-buckets for bulk materials like pet food and grains.

Combination Scales

Combination Weighers from 8-head up to 24-head high-speed systems with a range of bucket sizes to match products. Concept’s unique 0.5-liter 10-head model for precise low-weight portions is ideal for candy, electronic components and fasteners. Larger weigh-buckets are used for items like potato chips, meats and produce. Concept builds entire automated packaging lines, integrated into compact work-cells.


Checkweighers are designed to make sure your product is coming off the conveyor within a certain speed and weight tolerance specified by the operator