Feeding and Accumulating Tables


Accumulation tables enable the collation and accumulation of products from conveyor lines and packing areas creating a buffer zone on a low speed line and also providing accumulation at the end of a production line. Ideal for areas that are not large enough or not suitable for an automated system.


Rotary tables located at the beginning of the line are often fitted with unscramblers and in-feed tables. The unscrambler attachment consists of a pair of paddle diverters that push the containers to the edge of the rotary table where they are discharged onto the conveyor. The in-feed table allows operators to quickly place large quantities of bottles onto the rotary table.


Mid-line accumulation tables can be fitted with upstream and downstream gates. If a machine on the line needs to be serviced, the downstream gate on the accumulation table is closed to prevent bottles from flowing into the machine being serviced. When the service on the machine has been completed, open the downstream gate on the accumulation table to again allow the bottles to flow downstream.


They provide an outlet for the finished product to collect in preparation for packing and prevent the bottles from backing up and slowing down your entire bottle packaging line. In-feed tables, also called pack-off tables, are a popular option for end of the line accumulation tables because they enable operators to quickly and easily remove finished product from the rotary table.