D03 Intermittent & Continuous mode combined Thermal Transfer Overprinter 32mm Print Head Motors from Japan

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Product Overview

DIKAI D03 Thermal transfer overprinter

D03 is a small easy -to -operate electronic coder, own designed by DIAKI, adopting advanced thermal transfer technology. 

D03 uses 300dpi printhead to print bar codes, QR codes, best before dates, real time, graphics, pictures, logos and other variable information directly onto packaging, substrate and other materials. The size, position and content of information can be fixed or altered at the D03 user interface.


*Combined with intermittent&continuous, thus can be applied to both continuous and intermittent packaging machines
*300DPI; Kyocera printhead; high quality prints.

*Largely reduce the print cost

High performance

*Support all kinds of printing fonts, date formats, variable     numbers, serial no. bar codes, image etc.
*Support various input and output connections
*Support various reversal and mirror prints


(No reviews yet) Write a Review